Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions from customers.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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<About cleaning>

What is “Round Washing”?
Round washing means dry cleaning using a kimono-specific solvent.
kimono-totonoe is formulated with a unique solvent, and by washing one by one, dirt is removed more carefully without putting a burden on the fabric of the kimono.
Will stains and stains be cleaned by washing thoroughly?
Sebum, foundation, oil stains such as lipsticks and sleeves, sleeves, soot and dark stains and light mud stains will be washed down, but water-soluble stains such as tea, coffee, liquor, rain, sweat stains and blood Ink stains such as dirt and ballpoint pens and stubborn stains and molds over time require stain removal.
We will carefully inspect the kimonos you have received by the craftsmen.
We will contact you if there is a stain that does not fall off in the wash, and we will consult with you.
How much does it cost to remove stains?
As it is estimate after the craftsman actually saw stain, we can not present rate on the spot.
We have a week or so for your quotation.
Can I cancel if my stain-free estimate does not fit my budget?
Of course it is possible. However, please note in advance that the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost when returning the kimono you have received.
How many days does cleaning usually take?
In addition to the cleaning period, it will take days on international flights.In the case of only Maruwashi (except during January in the busy season) we usually receive about 3 weeks to 4 weeks.
If you are in a hurry there is also a speed finish so please contact us.
In addition, if there is special processing such as stain removal, the work period will greatly change depending on the condition of the stain, so we will contact you for an estimate and we will consult with you.
I’m with a pile of fancy sleeves. Can I send it as it is?
It is safe to send it with a layer of chopsticks attached.
If it is firmly attached, we will clean it together.
If it is attached easily, it will be removed once and cleaned separately. In that case, double layer is extra charge.
Can I send a half collar of a long undershirt with it attached?
It is okay to leave the half collar on. I just clean it without removing it.
If the core of plastic or paper is in the half collar, please take it out.
Plastics may break during shipping.
I would like to put on two sets of kimono and two jubans in a three-piece wash, is it OK?
I’m sorry. This time is a special campaign.
Three-piece set is a kimono + band + juban,In the case of the customer, juban will be added to the two-piece set.。
When sending a kimono, why not send it properly?
If it fits in the delivery bag, how to fold is free.
Is it possible to cancel after applying by credit?
Of course it is possible. Please contact me by email or phone. We will discuss the processing of the refund.
Can I apply outside the Internet?
It is also possible to apply by phone. Please feel free to contact us by phone.However, it corresponds in Japanese.
Is there any cost other than cleaning and maintenance?
For customers residing outside Japan, round-trip international courier costs will be charged.

<About collection, delivery and payment>

Does it cost shipping costs for kimonos?
For overseas customers, round trip shipping costs apply.
Please see here for a guide on shipping costs.
Where is the courier company?
For overseas customers, we recommend USPS, but it may be your preferred courier.
From Japan, we will ship by USPS.
I would like to send the finished kimono to another place.
We will respond if you can specify the shipping address when you apply.
If it is before shipping, it is possible to change on the way. Please contact me.
What kind of condition will you deliver?
We will send you special packaging materials in a newly developed white cardboard with the kimono-totonoe logo.The kimono is wrapped in a new tatou paper, and ready to serve as a closet.
*When putting on a closet, please take the paper attached to your kimono.If you do not take tatou paper, it may cause moisture and mold.
What payment methods do you have?
The payment method for overseas customers is credit card payment (prepayment).Please choose the payment method at the time of application.
Once you receive the kimono, we will give you a quote after a quick inspection or a master inspection. Once you accept it,
We will send you a credit card payment link via email after you accept the quote, so please proceed from that point.