kimono-totonoe is a kimono cleaning professional who handles more than 60,000 cases a year.
We are confident in the quality.
However, in order to interact with customers through the Internet, We think that there are many customers who feel uneasy.
To ensure customers have the best cleaning quality available,We would like to express our Kimono totonoe Declaration here, as we wish to clarify our stance.

1.We aim at No. 1 of “Kimono cleaning”

Kimono totonoe aims for No. 1 in cleaning quality.
In addition to carefully removing the dirt on your kimono, the moment you open the paper, we will try to impress you with the kimono that has been cleaned.
I am not self-satisfied by any means, I will strive every day to say so to customers.

2. We clear up anxiety of mail order

Because it is a mail order, you will only be able to communicate with customers via e-mail or telephone without directly matching your face.
I think some customers will feel uneasy about mail order.
Kimono-otonoe will try to be as polite as possible in order to resolve your concerns.
Also, for your peace of mind, all the kimonos you send have taken photos and sent to you by email.

3. We will always reflect customer feedback

Customers using kimono-totonoe are actively asked to send questionnaires via email and postcards.That is because we would like to receive a customer’s honest voice and respond as much as possible to the customer’s request to make the service more satisfying.
We hope that you will receive your honest opinions.

4. Useful for those who are in need of Kimono Care

In rural areas, there are also many cases where there are no clothing shops and shops near you.
Also, if you have any concerns or concerns about which store you should bring in, you are welcome.
Kimono-totonoe strives to be sincere in order to be able to respond as much as possible to the consultation about the care of the kimono.(Correspondence becomes only Japanese.)